ITEM NO.11                              COURT NO.9               SECTION X
                                 S U P R E M E C O U R T O F      I N D I A
                                         RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS
     Writ Petition(s)(Civil)                 No(s).   138/2015
     SUPREME COURT WOMEN LAWYERS ASSOCIATION                           Petitioner(s)
     MANOHAR LAL SHARMA AND ORS                                        Respondent(s)
     (with office report)
     Date : 24/03/2015 This petition was called on for hearing today.
     CORAM :
                           HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE V. GOPALA GOWDA
                           HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE C. NAGAPPAN
     For Petitioner(s)                 Ms.   Vibha Datta Makhija, Sr. Adv.
                                       Ms.   Kiran Suri, Sr. Adv.
                                       Ms.   Meenakshi Arora, Sr. Adv.
                                       Ms.   Mahalakshmi Pavani,Adv.
                                       Sri   G. Balaji, Adv.
                                       Ms.   Disha Vaish, Adv.
                                       Ms.   A. Nair, Adv.
                                       Ms.   B. Pasrija, Adv.
                                       Ms.   B.P. Sethi, Adv.
                                       Ms.   Savita, Adv.
                                       Ms.   Anil Katiyar, Adv.
                                       Ms.   S. Pandey, Adv.
                                       Ms.   Shubra Saha, Adv.
                                       Ms.   Sudha Pal, Adv.
                                       Sri   M.P. Srinighesh, Adv.
                                       Ms.   Priyanka S. Mathur, Adv.
     For Respondent(s)
                                       Mr. Dushyant Dave, Sr. Adv.
                                       Ms. Aishwarya Bhati, Adv.
                            UPON hearing the counsel the Court made the following
                                               O R D E
Heard Ms. Vibha Datta Makhija, learned senior counsel appearing for the petitioner and Mr. Dushyant Dave, learned senior counsel for Respondent No. 5. Mr. Dave supports the submission made by Ms. Makhija.
We have also perused the pleadings placed on record as also the documents and the grounds urged in this petition.
We find that the matter requires consideration as certain important   legal   contentions   are   raised   in   the   instant petition.
Hence, issue notice, returnable within two weeks.
Oral prayer of Ms. Makhija to amend the prayer clause of the writ petition is allowed. The petitioner is permitted to file amended petition.
(VINOD KR.JHA)                    (MALA KUMARI SHARMA)
 COURT MASTER                         COURT MASTER