ITEM NO.1                            COURT NO.2                 SECTION IIA
                               S U P R E M E C O U R T O F     I N D I A
                                       RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS
     Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (Crl.) No. (s). 6582-6583/2015
     (Arising out of impugned final judgment and order dated 10/08/2015
     in CRLOP No. 18493/2015,10/08/2015 in CRLOP No. 16152/2015 passed
     by the High Court Of Madras)
     DAYANIDHI MARAN                                Petitioner(s)
     (with appln. For stay of arrest, exem. From filing c/c of the
     impugned judgment and interim relief and office report)
     Date : 12/08/2015 These petitions were called on for hearing today.

     CORAM :
                         HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE T.S. THAKUR
                         HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE V. GOPALA GOWDA
                         HON'BLE MRS. JUSTICE R. BANUMATHI
     For Petitioner(s)              Mr.   Shyam Divan, Sr. Adv.
                                    Mr.   H.S.Chandiok, Adv.
                                    Mr.   Anirban Bhattacharya, Adv.
                                    Mr.   Gauhar Mirza, Adv.
                                    Mr.   Abishek E.Kisker, adv.
                                    Mr.   Sumesh Dhawan, Adv.
                                    MS.   Vatsala, Adv.
                                    Mr.   Venkita Subramoniam T. R.,Adv.
     For Respondent(s)              Mr.   Mukul Rohtaggi, AG,
                                    Mr.   Tushar Mehta, ASG,
                                    Mr.   P.K.Dey, Adv.
                                    Mr.   Abhinav Mukherjee, Adv.
                                    MS.   Ranjana Narayan, Adv.
uPON hearing the counsel the Court made the following
                                             O R D E R
Issue notice.
Mr. B.V.Balram Das, Adv. accepts notice on behalf of the respondent-CBI.
Objections to be filed within two weeks.
Rejoinder, if any, be filed within one week thereafter.
Post on 14.09.2015.
Operation of the impugned order shall remain stayed, pending further orders from this Court.
(Shashi Sareen)                                       (Veena Khera)
  AR-cum-PS                                           Court Master