ANSWERED ON: 06.02.2019
Pending Cases in SC
Will the Minister of

LAW AND JUSTICEbe pleased to state:-

(a) the number of pending court cases in the Supreme Court, State-wise especially for Punjab;
(b) whether the number of cases pending have increased since 2014 and if so, the reasons therefor;
(c) whether the Government has not implemented the online facilities for all administrative matters of the Court and if so, the reasons therefor; and
(d) whether the Government consulted the States in implementing online facilities in the lower courts, if so, the details thereof and if not, the reasons therefor?


(a) to (d): The details of State-wise number of cases presently pending including cases pending for the State of Punjab as on 01.12.2018 in the Supreme Court are given in a Statement at Annexure.

As per the information made available by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the year-wise pendency of cases in the Supreme Court since 2014 is given below:
Year Number of Cases pending
2014 62,791
2015 59,272
2016 62,537
2017 55,588
As on 01.12.2018 56,994

Government has been implementing the e-Courts Mission Mode Project throughout the country for Information and Communication Technology enablement of district and subordinate courts. Number of computerised District & Subordinate courts has increased from 13,672 in 2014 to 16,845 in 2018. New and user-friendly version of Case Information Software has been developed and deployed at all the computerized District and Subordinate Courts. QR Code facility has been made operational in the software, which enables to check current status of the case. National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG) provides citizens with online information about case filings, case status and electronic copies of orders and judgments from district and subordinate courts that have already been computerized. Information regarding 10.92 crore cases including more than three crore pending cases and more than 8.09 crore orders / judgments are available on this portal. eCourts services such as details of case registration, cause list, case status, daily orders & final judgments are available to litigants and advocates through eCourts web portal, Judicial Service Centres (JSC) in all computerised courts, eCourts Mobile App, email service, SMS push & pull services. Information Kiosks have been setup at all computerized court complexes for disseminating judicial information related to cause lists and other case related information to the lawyers and litigants. eCourts Project has been consistently amongst the top 5 Mission Mode Projects of country.

Statement referred to Lok Sabha Unstarred Question No.630 for reply on 06.02.2019.
State-wise number of cases lying pending as on 01.12.2018 in the Supreme Court
S. No. State No. of pending matters as on 01.12.2018
1 Andhra Pradesh 2114
2 Assam 849
3 Bihar 1516
4 Chhattisgarh 884
5 Delhi 11395
6 Gujarat 2366
7 Haryana 113
8 Himachal Pradesh 946
9 Jammu & Kashmir 201
10 Jharkhand 479
11 Karnataka 3282
12 Kerala 2242
13 Madhya Pradesh 2557
14 Maharashtra 6510
15 Manipur 62
16 Meghalaya 47
17 Orissa 811
18 Punjab 6,331
19 Rajasthan 2805
20 Sikkim 62
21 Tamil nadu 3497
22 Telengana 38
23 Tripura 79
24 Uttar Pradesh 5333
25 Uttarakhand 1050
26 West Bengal 1425
Total 56,994

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