Court Yogesh Khanna, Additional Sessions Judge, Saket District Courts, New Delhi
Case Sessions Case No. 114 of 2013
Case by State of NCT of Delhi
  1. Ram Singh, since deceased
  2. Mukesh
  3. Akshay Kumar Singh
  4. Vinay Sharma
  5. Pawan Kumar @ Kaalu
Charges Indian Penal Code:

  • Section 120B – Criminal conspiracy;
  • Section 365 / 366 IPC read with section 120-B IPC for abducting the victims, with an intention to force the prosecutrix to illicit intercourse;
  • Section 307 read with section 120-B for attempting to kill the complainant;
  • 376(2)(g) for committing gang rape with the prosecutrix in pursuance of their conspiracy;
  • Section 377 read with Section 120-B for committing unnatural offence with the prosecutrix ;
  • Section 302 read with section 120-B for committing murder of the helpless prosecutrix;
  • Section 395 for conjointly committing dacoity in pursuance of the aforesaid conspiracy;
  • Section 397 read with section 120-B IPC for the use of iron rods and for attempting to kill PW1 at the time of committing robbery;
  • Section 201 read with section 120-B for destroying of evidence;
  • Section 412 for the offence of being individually found in possession ( retention ) of the stolen property which they all knew was a stolen booty of dacoity committed by them.

High Court:

Case No. Death Sentence Reference No. 6 of 2013
Case Title State (through reference) v. Ram Singh and Ors.
Judge Justice Reva Khetrapal
Date of Judgment 13 March 2014
Advocates For State:

  • Dayan Krishnan, Special Public Prosecutor

For Respodents:

  • A.P. Singh, Advocate for Akshay Kumar and Vinay Sharma
  • M.L. Sharma, Advocate for Mukesh and Pawan Kumar Gupta.
Verdict Death reference upheld and the Appeals of the accused dismissed.

Supreme Court:

SLP (Crl) No. 3119-3120 of 2014
Mukesh and Anr. [Pawan Kumar Gupta] v. State of NCT of Delhi
SLP (Crl) No. 15027-5028 of2014
Vinay Sharma and Anr. [Akshay Kumar] v. State of NCT of Delhi

Probable date of hearing: May 2015