Read all that happened when Supreme Court heard PIL to ban ‘Sardar jokes’

4 Responses

  1. Charanjeet Singh says:

    I fully support this petition because almost people don’t miss any single chance make to insult any sikh person.

  2. R.k.verma says:

    Yes, agree with petition the persons who remembers for their glorious history and sacrifice , we will not allow any body to make joke on them.

  3. mukhtiar singh says:

    yes jokes on sikh should be banned i was in IAF for 20 years i know how my family and children have tolerated the jokes on sardar/////////// It shameful for other community to insult the children and family of a sikh person………… being minority you cannot fight with them

  4. Thanks to the petitioner to bring up this issue.The joke crackers why can’t give the motivational and bravery examples of Sikhs instead of using insulting and low profile examples. If u wants to enjoy jokes, you can use the subject as A and B instead of mentioning particular name of one race. Please keep in mind today we all are because of Sikhs unconditional sacrifices, otherwise we could have been converted in to Muslim as there is written on the first page of book ” Sah a Kamaal Guru Gobind Singh by the Lala Daulat RAI ” Na kahoon abb Ki Na Kahoon tab ki, Agar Na hote Guru Gobind Singh to sunnad Hoti Sab Ki.

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