Post-NJAC, Supreme Court’s Constitution Bench to sit on Nov 3 to improve ‘collegium system’

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  1. Gaurav Jain says:

    I have felt that due to the “N” number of reasons the justice is not been delivered to the aggrieved and for this to blame the court will not work. As before the matter reaches the court the back bone of the truth is been broken by a series of the agencies including corrupt/unprofessional/untrained police personnel, politicians, Municipal Corporations officials & staff, other department officials. And as the judges are also human beings and those who are not able to protect themselves from the ongoing corrupt and greedy practices been followed at the other departments, are also responsible for tainting the image of the judiciary and breaking the trust of the judiciary among common man. The increasing pendancy of the cases or say the delay in the justice delivery is also needed to be improved. It is also seen everywhere that its not the truth but might seems right, which is needed to be changed with a bang. An aggrieved agrees for mediation not by his will but only after coming to know that justice delivery in India under the persisting situation in India is a far off thing. I have posted multiple precise solutions which may help in at least minimizing the ills, but as again the voice of common man is not heard easily so mine might have not be been given any weight age. Its time not to blame anybody as the things cannot be improved by efforts of any single institution or department, so all have to explore themselves and to look deep into themselves to rectify honestly as their own. As self improving is the fastest known remedy in such type of cases, where the system is running under the cancerous phase. And at last but not the least I am under an impression while seeing all what is happening that one day and that too sooner the collegium will be Sabotaged irrespective of the current tough stand of the H’ble Supreme Courts. Though I hope and wish the collegium should remain and the Supreme Court should also rethink itself that its time that the flaws be removed and packed for the betterment of common man

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