Kamlesh Vaswani v. Union of India & Ors. (Pornography ban matter)

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  1. Haris says:

    I think India is becoming an ISIS state.

  2. Sukhwant Singh says:

    What I find so silly is that hot rod Advocates take up cases that make them the laughing stock. Wouldn’t it be better if we had teams of these wise men and women working on the modification and re-writing of our Laws??.

  3. Anubhav Singh says:

    Keep up the good work Mr Vaswani. It must be really tough keeping up the good fight inspite of all the morons rising up against it. I have worked with several NGOs in India, and there is a MARKED CORRELATION between watch porn among slum adolescents, and deviant/sexual crimes. 12-16 year olds with no employment and no sexual outlet are watching freely available hardcore porn, are constantly aroused, and then acting out their fantasies. These NGOs would tell you tons of tales of these adolescent boys (and sometimes adults) molesting their 8 year old nieces or neighbors, influenced by porn with deviant themes like bestiality and incest. In most cases, the innocent child victims does not know what to do, and never gets justice because they belong to the dis-enfranchised lower class.

    The issue here is not of adults watching porn in the privacy of their homes, but of freely available streaming porn, with no age verification. By a recent survey, the heaviest users of these porn sites are not adults, but adolescents. People who argue that there is no link between porn and sexual violence, need to do basic research (there is lots of material online). Anytime someone sensible talks about regulating porn, some morons start talking about “Talibanisation” and “Freedom of expression”. What the f#$%!! Regulating porn to appropriate age groups is no different than restricting alcohol, drugs, drunk-driving, prostitution, tobbacco. I have nothing against porn for responsible adults, but there is no justifiable reason to allow open access to it with no age verification. Once the dopamine levels in the plastic mind of a minor or adolescent is influenced by deviancy and objectification of women seen in porn, he is much more likely to commit sex crimes against women and minors. There are several organizations now working diligently to spread awareness on the harmful effects of porn :

    WATCH THIS —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSF82AwSDiU




    From this report: http://www.aic.gov.au/media_library/publications/proceedings/20/goldsmith.pdf

    In the USA, the eight major men’s magazines (Chic, Club, Gallery, Genesis,
    Hustler, Oui, Playboy and Penthouse) have sales that are five times higher per
    capita in Alaska and Nevada than in other states such as North Dakota¾and rape
    rates that are six times higher per capita in Alaska and Nevada than North
    Dakota. Overall a fairly strong correlation was found between rape and circulation
    rates in the fifty states, even with controls for potential confounding variables, such
    as region, climate, propensity to report rape and police practices (Milne-Home
    1991; Baron & Straus 1985 cited in United States Attorney-General’s
    Commission on Pornography 1986, p. 944-5).

    Mr Vaswani, please keep up the good work of restricting porn to appropriate age groups. You are fighting a tough battle. But widespread hardcore deviant porn is the beginning of the end for Indian morality.

  4. syam says:

    Whether it works as anti sexual among youth in India

  5. Nirmal Goel says:

    Dear Mr Vaswani , Please keep it up.
    English press is unnecessarily making hue & cry which should be ignored. Watching porn has been made a fundamental right by these great men. There is no life without watching porn as per these enlightened souls and same
    is as much required as potatoes , sugar and salt in the life as per these people.
    Please intimate your account details for contributions for your legal fight.
    Nirmal Goe

  6. Ananya Jha Vyas says:

    I really appreciate you Mr.Vaswani for the work you are doing as it is proven fact that our personality becomes what we are constantly thinking of and watching of illicit materials available online leads towards this only.I have heard many times people in offices are opening illegal sites which is an offence.
    Kudos to you and my vote for your good work, and yeah I don’t think Indian women really visit these sites.
    thank you.